Reduce Your Risk

Entrepreneurs and business owners have numerous options to control and manage risks. Small, medium, and corporation-sized businesses face risks in their environment. This includes areas regarding to the firm’s development of products, manufacturing activities, selling activities, and growth management. Sole proprietorships face the highest personal and financial risks, while limited liability companies (LLC) face minimal levels of risk.

Selecting a business that limits personal liability can help you get started on reducing the volume of risk your business may face. An LLC or limited liability company presents the least amount of risk to your business.

Risk can also be transferred to insurance companies to protect against potential damage to facilities, product liability, and customer or employee injury. Businesses are encouraged to perform risk analysis to determine what risks they are most susceptible to and the consequences of risky activities.

Risks from product failures or warranty claims can also be reduced by developing a quality assurance program. Problems reported by customer service are immediately linked to specific production activities to perform corrections and prevent future problems.

It is essential to keep outstanding loans and external sources of finance to a minimum. Company growth should be contained at a rate that can be financed within the internal means of the company. If the company cannot fulfill outstanding debts, replace short-term finance with long-term credit.

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